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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The New Babies

Well I have been rather naughty at not updating the blog with the news of Tiia's new litter, of five all born easily on 2/8/13, two girls and three boys, to proud dad, Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM.

The puppies were whelped by Jayne, son Elliot and friend Linda, and as the puppies arrived they were christened consecutive days of the week, starting with Friday - the day they were all actually born!

Week 1 photos
Week 2 photos

Week Three photos 

Friday  (Black tri ♂)
Friday is a very striking boy - with lots of white markings, his tan face marking are really developing.

Saturday (wolf sable )
Saturday is the only wolf sable puppy in the litter, and is a girl who has stolen Jayne's heart so will be staying with mum Tiia.  She looks very similar in markings to her dad, maybe a little darker in her base colour.

Sunday (Black tri )
Sunday is the second girl, who looks most like her mum, darker in colouring but with very large tan cheeks developing.  

Monday (Black tri ♂)
Monday is the 4th born and heaviest puppy, lots of tan developing to make him a striking boy.

Tuesday (Black tri ♂)
The last born is another boy, similarly marked to Monday but with a noticeable while left front leg, and white tips on all feet.

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