Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Penikka x Matka Puppy Weights

Matka x Penikka Puppies born 31st May 2012

This is a separate page which I will update with weekly weights, to make it easier to see how they are growing, the birth weights are lower than some of recent litters, not surprising as (a) its quite a big litter and (b) Penikka is a small squarer bitch, but pups are very lively and suckling and growing well.
 The pups were born very quickly and easily - seven in 2 hours!

 Pup  Time of Birth  Birth Weight  Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4  Week 5  Week 6  Week 7
(Black tri ♂)
 21.50 200g  500g 800g 1200g 1600g 2100g  2700g 3200g
(wolf sable )
 22.00 250g  500g 850g 1250g 1700g 2200g 2900g 3600g
(wolf sable )
 22.45 300g  650g 1050g 1500g 2000g 2500g 3100g 3600g
(black tri )
 22.50 300g  540g 920g 1375g 1800g 2400g 2800g 3200g
(wolf sable
 23.00  300g  600g 850g 1300g 1700g 2200g 2700g 3300g
 Kuusi (Black tri )  23.20  300g  500g 800g 1180g 1600g 2000g 2500g 3100g
 Seitsemän (wolf sable )  23.30  280g  580g 850g 1225g 1600g 2100g 2100g 3100g

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