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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Seven Weeks already

This has been a busy week for the puppies, first a trip to see Jeff Yellowley for their routine puppy eye test, the lovely fluffy bundles always get plenty of attention at the surgery.  I bundled the seven up into two crates, 4 boys in one, 3 girls in another, and NO ONE was sick, we had a few dribblers, but they took the journey well, and were quiet for the whole drive.  All passed and we headed home, given all the dull weather we have had this summer, I thought it especially rotten that the sun shone as we got home, and given the pups had had eye drops to dilate pupils I felt it best to keep them indoors a while to protect them from the bright light.

The next day - and another trip to a vets, this time to my vet for a general health check, they all passed again.  It also gave me an opportunity to discuss Lungworm fears, and to confirm that the puppies that are staying with me a little longer could start Advocate treatment today, and the others should check with their own vets - but probably would be best covered by at least one month course of Advocate.  Lungworm is quite rife here in South East, and dogs infected by lungworm are at risk of internal bleeding. Although I pick up toys and water bowls etc in the garden at dusk, its impossible to guarantee no slugs or snails have left a slime trail across the areas accessed by pups, so you just cant tell if they maybe infected.

Then we have the first of the puppies leaving for their new lives with the lovely families I have got to know over many months (some over a year). People ask do I get sad when pups leave - and the answer is no not really, having built up great friendships with the new owners over time, I am actually excited for the new families, that they will enjoy the love and friendship of this adorable breed, and as they are all keeping in touch I wont miss much at all.

We were lucky that Pia popped over after her holiday and took some super photos as ever of each of the pups, which I have shared below. 
First to leave was the big wolf sable girl, Kolme - now to be called Kaikki (Elbereth Kaikki Meille),  she will be joining the Keeshond team at Allforus
Then off to Kent went Viisi - now Keijo - he couldn't resist posing for loads of photos when his new family came to collect him, one very cheeky photogenic puppy!  Sue & Les had a yearning for wolf sable like dad, Matka, and don't think they will be disappointed with Keijo's stunning colours. 
The third to leave home for a new exciting life was Yksi, now to be called Miska.  A tri colour boy like Aunty Kia was on the wish list for Toby & Cat, and so its lovely that our first born in the litter is off to Leicestershire - no doubt to make life tough for couple of tibetan spaniel ladies!

The fourth pup to leave home was Neljä, now named Tuuli (Elbereth Suvituuli), heading off to Wales to join Barry & Angela, she is a very feminine girl with enormous coat, which actually makes her look the biggest, can picture her of the sofa already:)
So we have just three remaining, whilst summer holidays take place, little girl Kuusi and the two wolf sable boys Kaksi and Seitseman.

Kaksi, as ever enjoying his moments of fame in front of the camera!

Kuusi just never sat still, her tail and whole body wagging, she is such a friendly girl

Seitsemän doing "very cute"

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