Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week Six - proper dogs

The puppies are now real dogs, with lively minds, they love their toys, but love human company most, rushing to greet their visitors and enjoying a cuddle or six!  House training is really coming on well, handy when we have dry warm days like today and when they want to go out I can put them out easily.

This week is a big week, with eye test booked, vet check booked, and plans being made for them to start leaving home, hopefully we can soon announce names and new homes.

Very tired puppies after lots of visitors today - and sun (can't complain) beating in through windows, so not great pictures.

Yksi (Black tri ♂)

                 Kaksi (wolf sable )

                 Kolme (wolf sable )

                 Neljä (black tri )

                   Viisi (wolf sable )
                Kuusi (Black tri )

               Seitsemän (wolf sable )

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