Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Monday, 20 December 2010

A dog for all seasons!

Elbereth Tosi in the sun

I often get asked how do lapphunds cope with the English summers, and I say when did we last have a good long summer!!! 

But yes it does get warmer here in UK than in their native Finland but even Hapmi who arrived one lovely summer back in 2005, when we had temps of 27C and more - soon acclimatised.  I do find my lot are less inclined to run about in the summer - and I take them out in the cooler times of the day, then they lay about either outside in the shade or on the cool tiled or laminate floors in doors. 

But this winter - with snow that actually looks like snow - is an absolute delight for them and whilst Pigga is not keen to leave her warm bed indoors to venture into the garden, even she is very perky and keeps up on walks in the snow!
Elbereth Tosi in the snow

On today's walk it was noticeable how Diesel started to show the effects of the cold, and the discomfort of snow balls between her toes, whereas the lappies were taking 'snow baths' by rolling around, or running along and scooping up the snow with their noses!

Its interesting to see how the lapphund hair really does insulate by noticeably standing off their bodies more in the cold to trap more air underneath for warmth/insulation.


hannah2 said...

The Spitz are like that too and their coat seems to visibly grow! (Well apart from Champers who is meant to be at Manchester.............)

quu said...

Greetings from Finland! :)

We have also +30 degrees and more in sunny summer days, but usually tempatures are between 20-30 degrees or so these dogs do know what warm weather is. :)

I have 2 years old lapphund male called Jekku.

Jekkus dam is also a Fidelis-bred.