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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Catching up

E Matkamies
At the Scottish Working and Pastoral breeds Ch Show - Chris Murray did the double yet again with her lovely E Mikko ShCM and her and daughter Karen's E Ainonkainen aka the Chocolate Button, way to go this lovely pair, in fact Aino is giving Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr a run for her money for the top bitch spot:)

Lumiturpa Pigga at E
At the open shows, Matkamies has had two recent BOBs, at the Nordic and Stroud, many thanks to judges Mrs L Wells and Mrs S Hirst. 

The UK suddenly had a spell of very cold weather and snow fell on most of the country - although we only had a few centimetres, but the dogs definitely loved it - becoming very wild/crazy out on their walks.  So thought I'd share a couple of pictures, one of Matka and one of the Pigga La La.

I do find it funny that having lived for the first 4 years of her life in Finland - Pigga has to be pushed outside at night for a tiddle if its cold!!!  She really does love her creature comforts now - building up as many blankets and vet beds etc as possible to make a snug nest even when in doors!

Taivas & Hile
Had to share this lovely photo taken by Karen White - of her gorgeous Elbereth Taivas and Elbereth Hile at Morval - who both live in the New Forest and enjoy beautiful walks in this fabulous scenery.  The heather really shows them off well.


Another enjoying the snow is Elbereth Kia, who is Matka's sister, they had a lot more snow in Sussex than we got in Surrey.

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