Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Week 1

The Taru x Otso babes are 1 week old now, pictures and weights below, a special litter, made in England when Otso was visiting for Crufts and Taru obliged by being in season at the right time!

Bitch 1 is still quite dark facially but has white feet and the big white tip on her tail, have pictured each pup in repose on Phillip's bean bag so you can see their white chests and feet, she weighs 750g

Bitch 2
- the first two girls could almost be twins except the for white tip on tail they have almost same markings, weight 750g

Dog Pup
- is really starting to show lots of paler face markings and on legs, he continues to lead the weights being 800g this week.

Bitch 3
- like her brother is really starting to develop bright markings, she is slightly smaller than others at 600g, having been smallest born.

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Karen said...

All so adorable, as if they could be anything else!