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Friday, 8 June 2012

Puppies Have Arrived

A few days earlier than expected, Penikka decided to have her puppies (sire is Matka), the scan at 4 weeks had suggested 5 possibly 6 expected, so we (Carol, Penikka's real mum & myself) were surprised and delighted when Penikka had SEVEN.

Penikka started her labour at about 21.30 on Thursday 31st May 2012, and I quickly sent a text to Carol to drop everything and get over to our house so she could share the delights of the birth, but even though its only a few miles between our houses, by the time Carol arrived we had two pups!  Penikka popping them out like proverbial peas, and we did not have time to examine each pup in detail between births, so I can be excused for getting the genders wrong in my first Facebook announcement!  We actually have three bitch pups and 4 dog pups, with two bitch pups and one dog pup being black tricolours (black & tan with little white), the others are all wolf sables.

As would be expected in a larger than average litter to a smaller framed mum, the pups birth weights were slightly down on previous litters, but the pups came out very feisty and soon started tucking into the milk bar!

For ease of identification - they have been given names which are the Finnish for the number they were in the litter; Yksi to Seitsemän (one to seven).  I will be testing all new puppy buyers on how well they can count to seven in Finnish!  Rather than show the weights in isolation each week here, there is a separate blog page (see above) which tabulates the weights each week.

So I guess you are all waiting for the pictures! (clicking on thumbnails will open larger picture)









Susanne said...

Lovely pups:-)
Well done Pen and Matka x

Karen said...

Delightful babies!