Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 28 October 2011

Puppy Eye Test

This week the pups headed off on their first big adventure - a trip to the vet to have their eyes tested.  Sue bundling all seven into the safety crate in her car and then bravely headed off, across the country lanes.  With the combination  of Sue's steady driving and Radio Two's soothing choice of music the pups made it there and back without being sick or making a mess, bodes well for their longish journeys to new homes.  The pups were checked over by Sally Turner, eye specialist, whilst DNA results for Mamo and Kepponen mean the pups cannot get prcd-1 PRA it is important to keep checking out for other conditions and Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV) is congenital in some breeds - and is seen in Finnish Lapphunds - so always worth getting baby pups checked.  So pleased to report the little ones passed the tests, and were much admired.

The pup's are seven weeks old on Monday - and start to leave home from Tuesday, exciting and fun times ahead for their new owners.

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Karen said...

Lovely to see them all again today and especially Tasku :o)

And of course good to see you and everyone else for your surprise party!