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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oh What a Night......

in late October!!!

I was planning one last trip over to Sue's before the puppies started to leave home, to take over yet more puppy goodies/papers, and would be leaving from our caravan holiday site in Liphook, Sue just said could I get there after 4.00 as she had an appt before. I thought might get there early to make sure I was back to site for Nepalese Curry with camping buddies!  But was delayed leaving for a  number of reasons!!!  Arrived at Stonepit Kennels about to sweep into my "usual" spot in car  park only to find - jam packed with cars - so parked in opening to field!  Why so many cars I asked myself - then guessed some of Emma's friends had left cars there on way to airport - plus a few clients collecting dogs etc etc.  As I walked round I saw Pia's Discovery and then thought she has finally popped by to get some pictures.  How daft/gullible am I!

Walked in kitchen to find loads of friends there to wish me Happy Birthday and celebrate Matka's new Championship title!  Then I realised why my camping buddies had been so reluctant to come to see the puppies with me, the so and sos were following behind with Stuart and Phillip and the dogs!

the lovely cake
Then Sue and Sam (the key instigators) disappeared - to get lemonade was explanation - not believable but I had no idea they were popping to Gatwick to get Jordie who had flown in from Holland!!!!!  Sue's Tony cooked a great BBQ, a lovely cake was cut in honour of Matka, and we had a super night.    How they all managed to keep the whole surprise from me I will never know - must be so gullible!!!  Was a late night back and so Sam and I never made it to Midland Counties show - but pleased to hear that Chris Murray's Elbereth Mikko ShCM took BOB, making up for her and Terry  missing the party too!

Thanks to everyone for being there, for making it so special, for the gifts, and special thanks to Sam and Sue for making it happen and to Helle for capturing the occasion on camera.

A lot is said about cut throat nature of dog showing - but I can say thanks to the dogs I have some lovely friends, and very special memories, thank you.

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