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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Catch Up

Message to self - must try harder to keep the blog up to date! Just the normal excuses of so much going on!!

Looking back – so what news have I missed: starting with most recent first – Happy Birthday to “The Pet Passport Litter” hard to believe that they were 10 years old on 26th April!!! Hope Toive, Tuukka, Magic, Lusa, Dizzy, Mikka, and Kesa had a good day – and RIP Nalle.

At WELKS we had a super sunny day in good company and the three lappies I took did very well under Mrs S Hewart-Chambers, with Satu qualifying for Crufts on a rare outing (in coat) – special thanks To Lyn Etches for handling her. Toive surpassed herself, just short of her 10th birthday to take res BB, and Matka won res BD at 13 months of age. The breeder team were then 3rd in the Group, though we were rather rushed into the ring and more thanks to Karen and Sam for helping out and to Jarkko and Tuula for stepping in to the limelight.

Whilst at the show I took the chance to get the dogs eye tested, and Toive, Satu and Matka all gave a super performance of the lappy temperament for the vet.

Matka’s hip score is now official; he scored in at 6/7 which is very pleasing as on par with breed average.

Looking back to W & P Breeds of Wales, we had a super day under Mrs l Cartledge, three classes all won by bitches, Elbereth Kukka At Cochochr beat brother Matka in the Junior class, Elbereth Penikka won Post Grad and Res BB, with big half sister Elbereth Suvi At Cochochr ShCM winning open and taking BOB!!! The Breeder team of Suvi, Kukka, Matka and Penikka were G2, thanks again to Sam and Lyn for helping with the handling!

Then fingers crossed for the lappy stork to visit, Elbereth Ilo at Starlapps and Elbereth Kimmi have had a romantic liaison, watch this space as the say.

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