Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 19 June 2009

Week Six Update

The pups have been enjoying more freedom in the garden, and now eat dried food totally dry but do love their nature recipe meals and to prove they have grown up they turn their noses up at scrambled eggs! They are all very chunky and fluffy now - real puppy dogs, some new up to date pictures below:
Bitch 1 - with the paint dipped tail is a chunky monkey and very keen to please. She looks the biggest but isn't - weighing in at 2800g. Her ears are getting a lot of lift - don't think it will be long before they are fully up?

Don't forget if you click on the small pictures you get a bigger copy.

Bitch 2 is suprisingly the heavier of the girls - coming in at 3ooog, the darkest of the litter, she has rich tan legs and a cheeky look. Love her big white bib and little grey chin wonder if she will have as much tan eventually as great uncle Tuukka

Then we have the only boy - a touch hen pecked by the bossy girls, but he can and does make his weight count! He is the heaviest of the four at 3200g. As you can see he has a smiley face and plenty of markings - lets hope he follows in his dad's looks, will be interesting to see if he stays with the rich tan of now like his mum, or gets paler like dad.

The last little girl is just a shade smaller than the first at 2700g - but looks to be the 'little pup' demure in stature but not in nature, Miss Independent is she and was willing to venture through the fence to play with Matka in spite of his huge size compared to her! The others not nearly so brave!


Mary Starling said...

Proper little dogs now!

Karen said...

As Mary says, proper little dogs and all of them beautiful pups. Lucky prospective owners.