Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Home Checks

A busy day yesterday touring around the M25 to do three puppy home checks, OK so not everyone does these but I have found them useful over the years, they give me assurances as to the homes and lifestyle my pups are going to (and yes that people are who/what they say they are), its lovely to share the excitement of the new families seeing all the goodies they have bought for the new family member and how they plan to fully integrate the pup to their lives. In addition I can help point out 'danger' zones or risky areas, like the flower pots which will be trashed, the small gap under the gate where small fury bundle would squeeze, the cat food/litter tray which will be attractive to a pup plus some how training tips, anything really to help the new families 'cope' with the demands of a lively lappy pup. I left home just before 9.00am and headed north on M25 calling into Cambridge then back on M25 to join a traffic jam going over QEII bridge to pop along to Rochester, then heading further south and picking up M23 as well to visit Haywards Heath, before getting back on M25 to come home at 20.30. A 245 mile round trip, some lovely hospitality and cups of coffee, and now I can relax and look forward to hearing how the new pups settle in their new homes, they will be leaving us next weekend.

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