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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Taru's arrivals

After a busy night nesting on Thursday, I was guessing Taru would have her pups as expected Friday evening, but she decided to be more considerate and whelp during the afternoon. She has four pups, three bitches and the one dog, all are black tricolours, with big white bibs and varying amounts of white on their feet - no full white legs like mum or great gran though, a couple have lots of tan marking breaking through on faces already so am thinking these could be strikingly marked like dad Multi Ch Lumiturpa Otso. The first born bitch has a white tip to her tail which seems to come down from Echo/Toive/Taru! We were expecting a few more - but after the fourth, Taru settled down to enjoy her new family and so it would appear another fab four! I tried to get some sleep but its never easy when you have new pups - I got up about every hour/hour and half just to check on them all, and when one of the pups squeaked to say it had lost its bearings on the whelping mat and could not find the milk bar!

Otso is the ninth overseas imported dog/bitch I have used in my breeding programme and we were just so lucky that Taru's season coincided with his trip to UK and I am eternally grateful to Steve and Shelley for loaning Taru to me to make all this happen.

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Heather O'Connell said...

Great news Toni - gentle hugs to Taru from us, and big kisses from brother Tassu!