Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 8 May 2009

Bits & Bobs

well Matka has been enjoying his first week of walks (and no he has not had his vaccinations yet!), the first walk was a little overwhelming - especially meeting some different shaped dogs! But now he loves it and was trying to get a small poodle to play with him today. He travels in the back of the car in puppy box, so he does not eat the car! and then goes free on the walk with a trailing lead, so I can can quickly gain control if I think there is something strange ahead. He walks for 10 mins and then I carry him for 15 and then put him down again. He even seems to like taking in the sights from the comfort and lofty position of my arms. Its a slow walk, one as he does not walk very fast but more because we have to stop and meet and greet everyone who of course cannot resist him. One quick photo of a damp pup out this morning. You will spot that finally (he was the last) his ears are up!

Taru had a restless night - digging up the papers and blankets in the whelping box, so I too did not get a great nights sleep. She ate her breakfast this morning, but is keen to stay in the whelping box, guess it will be a long day and then a longer night!


Jennifer Simmons said...

Fingers crossed for easy whelping. Go Roo-dog, go!

Sonia Phelps said...

Matka is absolutely gorgeous - even when wet and soggy!

Looking forward to reading all about Taru's pups - wow, I can't belive they're due already! Best wishes for their safe arrival.