Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Five weeks - and we get outside

Finally there has been a break in the weather and the puppies are now getting regular visits outside.  It is funny because at first the big wide world is so scary they want to come in, but once they realise they can run about and frolic/play in the bigger place, then they don't want to come in!  A couple of organised escape plans were put into action to get out of the puppy pen, so have had to resort to more cable ties to secure the panels!  Wednesday the weather was very kind, so plenty of outside fresh air, and now they are very peaceful in doors as Zoomies are outside, plus as a bonus all the poos have been outside.  At moment energy levels of a five week pup are such that they sleep for 2 hours, then run about for 15 mins, then back to sleep for 2 hours etc Plus now eating 4 hearty proper food meals a day with top ups from Tullu.

Managed some quick head shots outside


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