Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Puppies growing up

Well its been a while and I have been promising myself to share the delightful pictures of Matka x Tiia's babies as they grow up.  I have received a collection of pictures through November as the babies approach their 4 month birthday (tomorrow).

Matti (aka Friday) 
a special boy to me who has the unusual colouring of his grandma, Taru

Elbereth Matti - Finnish Lapphund puppy
Elbereth Matti

Helmi (aka Saturday)
the moment she was born Elliot and Jayne knew she was a keeper!, very much her father's daughter
Elbereth Helmi

Pikku (aka Sunday)
If Helmi is a copy of her dad then Pikku is very much a copy of her mum, Tiia, not to mention similarly a little fond of her voice !

Elbereth Pikkuinen

 Otso (aka Monday)
Handsome man who has gone to be a trail blazer - the first lapphund on Guernsey, a cheeky chap
Elbereth Maanantain Otso
 Tassu (aka Tuesday)
He may have been last born, but think he is first in many hearts
Elbereth Valkotassu

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