Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 6 July 2012

Week Five

Crumbs are they really five weeks already, today saw the start of their second routine worming - funny how you can get day 1's syringeful in, but by day 3 they are wise to it!

They are definitely asking to go out to do the important business, just a shame they ask at 5.30am, when there is no way I can let them out to run about the garden shrieking like banshees!  But as today was mainly dry - I managed to get them out lots through the day so they were clean (OK so they still pee in the pen) and they got to play outside for long spell and then come in to sleep while I worked, wonder if they will sleep in a bit longer tomorrow - I can wish!

Some quick head shots - they didnt like flash at such close range so some look a little bemused!

Yksi (Black tri ♂)
 Kaksi (wolf sable )
Kolme (wolf sable )
Neljä (black tri )
Viisi (wolf sable )
Kuusi (Black tri )
Seitsemän (wolf sable )


Karen said...

Growing so fast. They are all sweethearts.

Susanne said...

Beautiful:-) hugs to all from aunt and cousins xxx