Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Three Week Update

The development from two to three weeks never ceases to amaze me, the pups are now really moving about  albeit a tough unsteady on their legs.  They are now well into soft food either Royal Canin mousse or soaked RC Starter, and you will see from their weight gains that their ability to eat and supplement what they get from mum is paying off dividends!

Now they bark, play and try and get mum to regurgitate dinner!  As a breed that shows wild dog instincts - whilst the pups paw and nuzzle their mum's mouths - I have yet to see a Finnish Lapphund bitch regurgitate such greedy self survival queens that they are (our pyreneans did it!).

The colours are developing and Kuusi is easy to spot, the four wolfies vary - but so far none are as pale as dad, Matkamies at the same age, more like grandpa Hapmi. Yksi & Neljä more like mum at this age.



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Karen said...

They are gorgeous!