Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Crufts turned into a two day affair for "Team Elbereth" having qualified for the Breeder Finals, I had to persuade some friends to come along and help show the team on the Friday.  The breeder competition is a points based system, with teams from all breeds collecting points throughout the year, and then the Kennel Club invite the top 50 teams to the final.  Throughout the year, many Elbereth lappies have done their bit to be in the team (s) and I am grateful to their owners support, though it made it a tough call to select the team for the Final.  In the end "Team Elbereth" were represented by myself and Matkamies, Sam Moore and Penikka, Chris Murray and Mikko and Emma Johnstone and Kia.  Sue and Marian, came to support, fetch and carry and take the pictures!

Final judging - photo by Yossi Guy
Each of the teams (three or four dogs) were prejudged by Stuart Plane in ring 1 before the teams lined up to enter the main ring just ahead of the day's group judging.

Then came our exciting entry to the big ring, along with the other teams, a very impressive sight of just short of 50 of the top breeders in the country represented.  We had been advised that the judge would select 10 teams for a short list - and then we would be moved again, so I for one was delighted when our team was called out to make the shortlist.
The judge looked at each team again - and we had the daunting task of running in a line across the large main ring and then all around it in a line, just kept everything crossed that none of us would trip up!  Then to line up again for the final review.  The winners were the Livera Pomeranians, and runners up were  the smart border terriers, but in THIRD place were the finnish lapphunds.  Absolutely delighted, and special thanks not only to the teams handlers but also to Matti Takenen and Jukka Kuusisto, Taina Miettinen and Sue & Roger Dunger for helping me to establish my line here in the UK, all four of the finalists go back to my original bitch - Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth, and her famous pet passport mating to Fin Ch Lumiturpa Nörri, through Toive, with Mikko being the son of Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi, Penikka the daughter of Fin/WT Lecibsin Kultakuono, and Matka and Kia not only grandkids of the delightful Hapmi, but from the special litter to Multi Ch Lecibsin Macce. 

You can watch the final on the You Tube channel, with the lappies featuring at 3.50/10.50/12.44/16.06/23.44/24.23/24.51/27.19 minutes

Then as if we had not had enough excitment for the weekend we returned early on Saturday to set up the SFLS Breed stand - and show the dogs under Mrs Pearl Chetwynd (Curdeleon).  I was delighted that Matka won the res dog CC, winning open dog and the Good Citizen classes.

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