Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 16 October 2011

In Memory of Tuukka

Elbereth Tuukka at TabanyaRuu
Sire: Fin Ch Lumiturpa Nörri  Dam: WW02 Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth
26.04.2000 to 15.10.2011

The pet passport litter born on the 26/4/11 was a special litter in every sense of the word, and they have been a big influence on the breed here in the UK, and Tuukka was the essence of that litter.  Tuukka was a great big bear, who touched everyone's heart.  

Liz wanted a flashy marked pup from Echo's last litter, but every time she came to visit the big bear cub of a pup just caught her eye, he was laid back, had a lovely white chest and feet - but was dark!   How many hours did Liz and I deliberate, which pup would it be!!! 

I remember him well always laying out in the sun - trying to cool down laying flat on the grass, with his hind legs stretched back behind him, in the "frog" position that all who knew him called Tuukkaring! 

He grew onto be a super show dog, of great strength and balance - one of those dogs that is a delight to show - free standing and never putting a food wrong.  It was a pleasure to handle him for Liz, and when he won BOB at Crufts 2004 under Jeff Luscott, and we had to run hell for leather to the Group ring, it was a very special day, and we had a terrific fan club cheering us on .  

But more than a show dog -he was Tuukka, the gentle giant who accepted the little Spitz into the family, loved everyone - and through his great nature convinced many of today's owners that a lappy is a perfect dog.  Anyone who met him could not fail to love him.  His temperament continued to amaze the veterinary profession when 3.5 years ago an old injury meant he had his shoulder fused, and he became a bionic dog - under the amazing care of Noel Fitzpatrick. 

But sadly the wear and tear on his body just was too much, and after a perfect day in October he was given peace, reunited with his sire and dam.  A lot of tears have been shed by all who knew him, but were grateful to him for touching our hearts.  A special thank you to Liz, Rory, Dexter and Carelle for loving this special boy so much. 


Karen said...

A wonderful tribute to a very special boy.

Janine said...

A very special boy who booked a soft spot in lots of hearts.

Mary Starling said...