Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Week One for Mamo's puppies

Well the puppies are doing very well, and we even had to raise the small side on the whelping box as a couple had "gone over the side"  this has somewhat ruined Mamo's pillow - as the side is now a bit high for her to rest her head!  The tan markings are coming through - the two browns already showing bright markings. The pups were rather wriggly this week - so not as easy to photograph.

Pup 1 - Dog - 800g

Pup 2 - Dog - 800g

Pup 3 - Bitch - 700g

Pup 4 - Bitch- 710g

Pup 5 - Dog - 900g

Pup 6 - Dog - 700g

Pup 7 - Bitch 700g

1 comment:

Karen said...

Lovely to see them doing so well and their markings beginning to show.