Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Six Week Update

OK so I know its late - but been busy getting Guildford show sorted too!  The puppies have names now too!


Boy 1 is a massive 4240g and is now called Elbereth Maunu, such a chunky boy with very laid back attitude.


Boy 2 weighing in at 3400g is Elbereth Nicotiemus (Nico for short), the very pretty boy, who is looking more and more like his dad for markings.

Boy 3: 3940 is Elbereth Lumikko (Mikko for short), Mr friendly - looking forward to joining his big family where he is guaranteed lots of cuddles and fun!


The Girl is now 3370g and is called Elbereth Kiitos, the genders are supposed to be different in this breed and even at this young age she is definitely feminine, so pretty with lovely head.

Boy 5 is another heavy weight at 4240g  he is now Elbereth Onni like Maunu he is a gentle giant, taking life slowly and eating everything - his little white tip is all that differentiates the brothers at this stage.

The six week photo shoot is brilliant as usual, with some super shots and the ever patient feline friends!!!

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