Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Monday, 25 April 2011

Week Two Update

The puppies continue to do really well weight wise - Kaisa certainly is looking after them well.  The bitch puppy was the first to open her eyes and her brothers soon followed.

Week Two weights are:
Puppy Dog 1 - 1370g
Puppy Dog 2 - 1220g
Puppy Dog 3 - 1160g
Puppy Bitch - 1180g
Puppy Dog 4 - 1370g

They are getting more mobile - sliding around the puppy pen, as ever as nice humans we provide them with luscious vet beds to lie on and move around (they can get better traction on the fleecy bedding) but with the heat, they actually tend to migrate to the newspaper at the edge where its much cooler.  They also don't tend to pile up for warmth lying spread out on their sides to stay cool.  Some fabulous shots (as ever) from Pia on flicker.

They are now trying to stand up - though they are not very good at it yet - and tend to fall over a lot - but now they will progress quickly.

For those who like a real time waster there is now a choice of web cams - a view  from above and a closer view more at Kaisa's level.

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