Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Monday, 18 April 2011

One Week Update

Dog pup 1
The puppies are doing really well - moving from what I term the Guinea Pig stage to the Beaver stage,  these being the animals the puppies look like as they develop! 

They are feeding well and Kaisa is being a very attentive mum, and keeps them spick and span, its so funny to hear them mumbling away in disgust as she up ends them to wash them from top to bottom, you can really imagine them say "Ohhhhh Mum get off me"  The two boys 1 and 3 are very similarly marked, both have white chins and small white star on chest and odd white toes on back feet, others have more unique markings with the last born having a tiny white tip to his tail like great grandma Echo (Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth) did.

Dog pup 2 - has smudge on nose
The puppy weights have near on doubled as you expect:
Dog Puppy 1 - 850g
Dog Puppy 2 - 760g
Dog Puppy 3 - 790g
Bitch Puppy - 700g
Dog Puppy 4 - 810g

Well that's as accurate as I can get with the neonatal scales I use, especially as now the pups wriggle around in the bowl of the scales making it hard to read a moving needle!  As ever a bigger selection of photos are available on Pia's flicker pages
Dog pup 3

They have also been subjected to their first toenail cutting session.  Something I do weekly to protect poor Kaisa as they pummel her tummy when drawing off the milk, and it also helps the feet and nails to stay a good shape.
Bitch pup
Dog pup 4 

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Janet Dudman said...

Hi Toni, couldn't look at pics at work - I was barred!

They are SOOOO cute, cannot believe they are so tiny and grow up to be so big and fluffy! I suppose that's like any child!

See you at work.