Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 10 April 2011


It never fails to amaze me how bitches know the safe sort of places to prepare for puppies.  Kaisa is normally a lively girl who wants to follow her family about, but now as she prepares for her puppies she seeks out tiny corners, where she thinks it will be safe to give birth. At first she selected the downstairs cloakroom, a tight squeeze by the side of the loo, but a good place in her mind, she could see out and was enclosed on all sides.  hen when she went outside she selected the small kennel which used to be Hapmi's shelter, grumbling when Matka tried to entice her out to play!

She is not normally allowed upstairs - but took to going up there well especially when she found here was a purpose built safe haven for her  - and having spent her first night shredding the paper and blanket, and now just lies there waiting:)

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Susanne said...

Beautiful girl, look very content waiting for her big event:-)