Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Trip to Holland

Fidelis Duuri (Usko)
A busy weekend in the caravan at NW and P breeds and then judging at the German Spitz Breeders and Owners Club. to get home and pack and then head for Holland Monday morning.  

Had a super journey and having left home at 9.00am arrived in a very sunny Holland at 18.00 to meet Jordie and Nico and their lovely dogs.  The reason for the trip - a romantic liaison betwenn Kaisa and Usko.  It was definitely love at first site between the dogs, and now we just wait for a 4 week scan in mid August to see if the trip was successful.  One thing is for sure, I and Kaisa were made very welcome by Jordie and Nico and we had a lovely time, the weather was amazing and hit 33C on the Tuesday.

Fidelis Duuri
Elbereth Kaisa at Arktinen
Both Kaisa and Usko are prcd-1 PRA clear so any puppies from this mating will be genetically clear, and both have recent clear eye tests and  are hip scored.  If the mating is successful then this will be a third generation pet passport litter, Kaisa's dam, Toive being from the UK's first ever pet passport litter (any breed - back in 2000), and Kaisa herself being "made in Finland"  after Toive's successful trip to meet the handsome Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono.  Usko himself was born in Finland, so the litter will have strong Finnish roots.


Jennifer said...

Good luck with the scan! Usko is a beauty :-)

Mary Starling said...

Really like Usko, hope it works out for them both in the future!