Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Photos

At this festive time of year its so lovely to get photos and news from the dogs you have bred, and maybe not seen for a while, especially the oldies. Below are some pictures of old friends.

Elbereth Lapinkulta (owned by Andrew and Claire) - such a stunning boy.

Two Elbereth Lappies headed down under in 2009 to start a new life with Emma, Miles and son Ruari in New Zealand, Elbereth Ukko and Elbereth Haave took the journey well and have settled in to the new life and large open spaces.

Haave is a Toive granddaughter! here she is looking for possums in a tree!

Here is a picture of Alfie - one of our lovely collies - taken early in 2009 -
"Elbereth Soda on the Rocks" born July 1995

Anyone for guessing who this might be in the snow - taken this December? No its not Toive - but her sister Lusa - who lives with Tara and Boyd and their family.

Toive's older sister Zuni is still well and here is a photo of her at eleven
years of age, Zuni and her cream sister Kira survive their siblings Pasha and Sasha.

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Heather O'Connell said...

Lovely photos Toni - good to see Tassu's brother in NZ, and Lusa - we always think she looks a lot like Tassu! Strong genetics in that family!