Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Week Three Update

I have been so busy over last couple of weeks - with pups and getting the Guildford show ready and run, so apologies for lack of updates on the Taru x Otso pups. Hope these new photos make the wait worth while. The pups are developing fast - moving about a lot - playing and mouthing each other and now showing an interest in the toys in their puppy pen, Taru makes me laugh by joining in their games - she nuzzles then with her nose and pushes them over - to encourage them to come back for more!

Bitch 1
You can see the tan developing on her face, and the cute white chin! She does look like she has dipped her left paw and tail in a white paint pot!

Bitch 2

There is a little tan coming through on her face but its not very easy to see in photos. She too has a little white chin!

The boy has a lot of tan on his face, like his mum its seems quite rich at present but as ever with our breed its never easy to tell what the colouring as adults will actually be at this young an age as they change so much.

Bitch 3

like the boy - is heavily marked on the face and reminds me of Uncle Kimmi at this age with the quizzical eye brows.

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Debra Robinson said...

They are very cute, just about the right size to smuggle in a handbag!