Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Monday, 13 April 2009

Let sleeping pups lie!

They are at their cutest when asleep:)

Note that Aino's ears are coming up - when she wakes they are briefly erect!

I think their little furry feet are really cute too!

This when you hear them squeaking and growling and their feet twitching - like they are running in their sleep - what are they dreaming of????????

- they have not seen a squirrel yet!

The boys are out of sequence on this blog I am afraid - as I thought I should give you a mega cute warning!!!


Jo Ross said...

Lovely photo's so cute. Maybe they are born knowing what a squirrel looks like? I'm sure that is what they are dreaming about. Tarkka brought me a dead (thank god) BAT yesterday when we where out walking think he found it dead but still very yuck

Karen said...

Adorable sleeping pups. I like to watch them sleeping, fascinating to all those little twitches etc.