Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 20 March 2009

Week Two

First an update on the brown button, now weighing in at 1400g, eyes fully open and starting to walk about (or waddle) and interact with her mum.

Then the foursome, not quite the weight of the single pup - they have to share their milk bar!

The first bitch weighs in the heaviest still at 1300g, her markings are now developing.

The two wolf sables are really lightening - I had thought they might be the colour of their mum, but now I am not going to make any predictions, certainly their undercoats are very pale, and face markings are silver/white, so maybe they will be paler wolf sables, definitely one of the fascinations of our breed is how the colours and patterns change.

The second bitch is now 1050g, and you can see how her colour has changed. She has rings around her eyes, but cheek patterns are broadening - so will she have spectacles or will they merge to more traditional face markings, worth comparing to Norppa at the same age

Her wolf sable brother is 1100g and is a little paler at the moment

Then last but not least the tri dog at 1150g

As they are now all starting to move about more and interact, I have put the two litters together on a few occasions so they can be one whole litter and the chocolate button can learn to share some space.

So we have four darker pups, the brown pup and the pink pig!!!


MrsG said...
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Karen said...

They are so beautiful Toni, as if they could ever be anything else! I think I'm in love with the little brown button.