Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 27 March 2009

Week Three Part II

Well the bowls of porridge have come out and the pups have been sitting in it, why have they not read the book that says the special puppy feeder bowls I have are designed to stop pups putting their feet in their food! As ever with lappy pups they waste no time getting to grips with real food. The fab four are lighter in colour again this week, and not as heavy as you know who!!!

As ever the first born bitch maintains her advantage over siblings, now 1700g, her tan eye brows are becoming more noticeable, and she has the tan developing around the nostrils.

The second bitch is the wolf sable, the colours are really starting to develop on her body, which is not apparent in these photos (must invite Pia around for a cup of coffee!!!) She is still technically the smallest - but this litter is so even in size , we are splitting hairs with the three, she weighed in at 3 weeks at 1400g (wasn't someone that at 2 weeks).

As often is the case with the little ones, she seems the most lively at this age, and she has a little white beard like her mum!

The wolf sable male is now 1500g, can be differentiated from his sister by bigger cheek markings and paler colour on his flanks and inside back legs, definitely greying as he gets older.

Then we have the tri colour dog, who is 1450g. His markings around his nose and cheeks are very noticeable now. His eye brows give him a very serious expression at the moment!

They are all much livelier now and growling and playing, will try and get some video of them playing.

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Karen said...

They are lovely, there are some lucky people waiting!