Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Friday, 13 March 2009

Kyky & Macces Pups Week 1

The fab four are all doing well and Kyky is a model mum, she has settled now and is less possessive of her pups. Like their brown cousin they are doing well weight wise.

The first born tri bitch maintains a slight weight advantage over her litter mates at 850g. Her face markings are starting to develop. with the big cheek pattern, which I am sure we will see fade a lot over the next few weeks.

The second born bitch is a wolf sable, given that she is still quite dark except for head and flanks she is unlikely to be as pale as Norppa but maybe between her dam's colouring and her Grand pa Hapmi's colouring. He face markings are developing too, her dam does not have cheek markings, only spectacles. She was the smallest born and is catching up at about 780g.

Puppy three is a boy, now weighing in at 800g. Like previous sister he is a wolf sable, with definite cheek markings, think he will look like Hapmi.

Finally the tricolour boy, who is also 800g (nice when a litter is so even in size, less worries that one pup is disadvantaged when trying to get to best teats!), I am guessing he will also have plenty of face markings, maybe like his dad, the handsome Macce.

One good thing about having the two litters is that when they are up and playing I can mix the Chocolate Button in with her darker cousins (no risk of getting them muddled!!!!) and she can learn to behave and play like a dog. In meantime kind Aunty Marian has provided "Pink Pig" to be a best friend!!!


MrsG said...
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Phelpsville said...

Congratulations on their safe arrival.

Quite fascinating to watch their colours developing.

What's Finnish for Chocolate Button? Would make a fab kennel name.

Karen said...

I still find it amazing how quick they grow! Of course they are all adorable and sooooo cute.

Toni Jackson said...

Chocolate Button would be 'suklaa nappi' (thanks to Nina for translation!)

Jo Ross said...

wow they are growing so fast and all look lovely, great to hear chocolate button is not missing out on playing with other pups.