Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

Thursday 21 April 2016

FLC of GB Championship show

What an amazing day - words cannot begin to express the emotions:  first chuffed to bits that our new import Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth coped extremely well at his first ever show after only a few minutes ringcraft to qualify for Crufts.

Elbereth Matkamies won the Res CC from open, beaten by Bridus Rakas - who is by Elbereth Mikko and to whom I awarded his first CC.

Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus won Veteran bitch, the res BCC and Best Veteran in show.

BIS and her third all important CC was awarded to Elbereth Pelinainen JW, with this amazing critique from judge Espen Engh

"Elbereth Pelinainen (BCC, BIS)  And here she was – such a grand bitch with just everything to look for in the breed, they do not come much better than this! Light wolf-coloured. Instantly attractive with ideal type, excellent proportions, balance and outline, combining substance with femininity. Highly typical head and expression, excellent stop and ideal length of her full muzzle compared to her skull. Balanced angulation both ends. Excellent topline, well set and carried tail. In more than acceptable coat. A sound, balanced and effective mover from all angles, at all times keeping her lovely balance and shape. Even if not the most enthusiastic, she did more than enough to win the CC & BOB."

Tuesday 22 March 2016

A souvenir from Finland

Well it was a whirlwind trip to Finland, I arrived late Saturday and checked straight into airport hotel for well needed sleep as it would be an early start for the show,  so it was a pleasant surprise to be upgraded at the Holiday Inn to an executive suite - though with my stay there only being around 7.5 hours  and most of that for sleeping I couldn't get much benefit from it!  - Nina and Harri then kindly picked me up to visit the show at Kotka, where the weather was bright and sunny - but boy was it cold, -6C without wind chill, which they said took it over -10, great for the dogs.

It was lovely watching so many nice dogs - and lovely to see Fihtolas Qumina take Best bitch and Lecibsin Sappa BIS.  My photos of the day are not great - but lucky for me Harri took some lovely ones.

Then a quick get away from the show to drive north - to rendezvous with Jukka Kuusisto to pick up a souvenir!

Meet Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth, a 13 month old boy - who we are delighted has joined us, and a huge thank you to Jukka for letting me twist his arm, and let Uka come to UK and to Nina and Harri for helping me with the whole trip/planning etc. Uka is already hip scored and eye tested (pra carrier) and has the sweetest of nature and lovely sensible character, taking the transition from his home at Lecibsin to a stop over at Nina's, and then the long trip here in his stride, Halla and he are already the best of friends.

He has a super pedigree, and is a strong built boy with super movement, below are some super natural photos taken in Finland by Harri.  We are delighted he is here safely and his first night went better than I could have ever expected showing his fabulous temperament - and that of course of Matkamies.  I hope to mate Uka with Shacal Reilu Peli this spring/summer.
Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth - Finnish Lapphund

Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth - Finnish Lapphund

Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth - Finnish Lapphund

Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth - Finnish Lapphund

Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth - Finnish Lapphund

Friday 18 March 2016

Crufts 2016

Well what a show - a thrilling, amazing day at Crufts 2016.  With Matkamies taking BOB back in 2015 it was going to be a hard act to follow.

Elbereth Valkotassu
It started in Post Graduate dog  - I had honour of handling Gemma & Rob's Elbereth Valkotassu - as Gemma is a little too close to the arrival of their baby to be running around the ring - and from a class of 12 dogs  - Tassu was placed 1st, he was so good, showing beautifully for me, and I came out of the ring to a jubilant and very emotional Gemma.  Rob captured their lovely boy on camera.

 In open it was the turn of Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM who was second behind one of the top winning dogs from Finland.

Then onto the bitches, where in the veteran bitch class Kia was second, Suvi 4th and Apina VHC, then Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth JW won the Junior bitch class, and Elbereth Kaikki Meille Allforus won a huge post graduate bitch class of 19 with owner Caron Bell.

Then it was the turn of Elbereth Pelinainen JW who won the strong Limit bitch class, with her best buddy Elbereth Suvituuli taking second in the Good citizen class.

So for the bitch challenge - I was delighted to see three half sisters standing proudly and competing for the bitch CC.  Then over the moon when best bitch was awarded to Pelinainen, and res BB to Hallantuoma.  Peli's second CC and Halla's 4th Res CC.

Then it was the challenge for BOB and we were head to head with the lovely Marymead Muskateer, and so it was a very emotional moment for me, when our judge, Miss Eliina Haapaniemi from Finland awarded BOB to the young (2 year old) Pelinainen, not sure who was more over the moon, owners, Barry & Angela or me!

Especially significant for me is that my four first placed dog/bitches are all sired by the UK's number one dog - Matkamies, from each of his three UK litter and his litter in Finland.

Elbereth Pelinainen JW

Ruth Dalrymple/ The Kennel Club ©

Photo by Yulia Titovets

OnEdition/The Kennel Club ©

Thursday 18 June 2015

Summer Shows

What a great start to the summer shows:

At Birmingham National, "Team Elbereth" had a super day, first Elbereth Matkamies winning the dog CC, then Judi Cross and Ch Elbereth Marja won her 4th CC and took BOB.  If his was not enough, our new edition Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth (Halla), only 6 months of age took Best Puppy in breed.

Halla then made a big impact at Bath, taking BOB & BP under Mr M Vines - his critique certainly shows what an impact this cocky little lady made on him:
Jackson’s Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth, what a name, but very suitable for such an outstanding exhibit. Did it all for me, still a very minor puppy, a sable of eye filling quality. I was taken a little by surprise when she entered the ring, breathtaking would be an understatement. Fabulous feminine head so correct, eye, ears, very good stop, soft well padded muzzle, excellent dentition, tight lips. More reach of neck than you would expect, with just that hint of an arch. Well defined wither, into a topline so firm for one so young. Very good tailset. Coat texture soft at the moment as you would expect, but has the makings. Very good bone, all so feminine, forehand into very straight forelegs outstanding. Feet very tidy just the right amount of arch. Underline good, chest proportion roomy. Loved her rear assembly, long bones, wide thigh, short hocks which showed firmness standing & on the move. The handler moved her out at just the right, pace, this for me was the icing on the cake & the final decider for best smooth sound action in all areas. In presentation a confidence & attitude beyond her age. BP, BB & BOB (Judge Mike Vines)"  Her sire Matkamies had to settle for RBD and E Kia joins Bridus was reserve BB.>

Moving onto Southern Cos, where Mr Harri Lehkonen from Finland judged the breed, and from entry of 60 dogs he awarded a 12th CC to Elbereth Matkamies and BOB, with bitch CC to Elbereth Suvituuli, Matka's daughter out of E Penikka.  Elbereth Marja was RBB, and E Pelinainen won two classes, what a superb day.  This is the first time a father and daughter have done the double in the breed.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Int Ch Elbereth Toive - 26/4/2000 to 6/5/2015

It's ever easy to say good by to a special friend, and with Toive it has been a roller coaster of emotions, not fully understanding when the right time had come.  After our lovely day at Crufts my plans to celebrate at the hotel after the show were quickly changed when I realised Toive was poorly, so I hastily jumped in the car to drive home - so I could check her out and get her to the vets first thing in the morning.  My lovely vets, agreed we should try and buy her some more time, so antibiotics and loxicom for pain relief were administered and my super strong girlie rallied to see her fifteenth birthday  - but there were good days and bad days, and soon the bad days started out numbering the good.  She was always keen to eat, and sometimes keen to walk albeit slower and stiffer as the days progressed, but some days she simply preferred to stay home in comfort.  But I had to accept that those previously bright eyes just started to show a sad dog, who was I am sure just trying to be brave and strong for my sake, so I had to make the horrid decision to let her go.  

Elbereth ToiveToive means hope in finnish, she was from the Uk's first Pet passport litter, and there was a lot of hope on my behalf that Echo & Nörri would produce some lovely pups, and boy did they!  Toive was a lively pup, and I always joked that had I sold her she would have been sent back quickly! A high energy girl with a terrific keenness to please me and work. One of the most obedient dogs I have had - she was very attached to me - and this meant she did not like me out of her sight - so the down stay was not going to happen, she simply crawled along on her tummy so she was at my side - preferably touching my foot with her paw!  She took to agility very well and even dabbled at working trials.

Toive was a lovely friendly dog - being a regular visitor to Discover Dogs, and thoroughly enjoying the attention she received, she was also very child friendly - loving it when Phillip's school friends visited, and happily enjoying a rough and tumble.  A great ambassador for the breed she met up with many prospective new owners here at home and worked her charm on them.

She had a good show career, starting out as the Top Puppy in 2001, where she finished her puppy career in style with BP under Hans Lehtinen at Birmingham National Ch show. 

A number of BB awards followed and a very successful career overseas - where she was much appreciated for her attitude and terrific sound strong movement, easily gaining her Int crown long before CCs were on offer in UK, in fact she was unbeaten as a bitch, and only once beaten for BOB, a pretty impressive record:

  • 24/03/07 - Leiden - CACIB/CAC and BOB
  • 4/12/05 - Rouen - CACIB.CAC and BOB
  • 19/11/05 - Kortrijk - CACIB/CAC and BOB
  • 1/10/05 - Charleroi - CACIB/CAC and BOS

Crufts 2003 was the first year that Finnish Lapphunds were allowed to compete, and it was fitting the honour of judging went to Sue Dunger who introduced the breed to UK, and in fact bred Toive's dam.  Toive was Best bitch - and her brother Nalle BOB. 

Just love this photo of Toive & half brother Peikko doing the double at Leeds.

I think her biggest mark on the breed here in UK is as an amazing brood bitch, to date the most successful brood bitch in UK, in three litters she had 18 pups, nothing special there, but from her litters, producing 8 best of sex winners (1 more than her dam), notably:

  • Elbereth Kimmi (by Osky des Chevaloupsgreg) - born 6/10/2003
  • Elbereth Kyky (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) - born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr ShCM (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) - born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Mikko ShCM  (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) - born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Keskiyö ShCM (by Int/Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi) - born 24/4/2006
  • Elbereth Kaisa at Arktinen (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) - 12/8/2007
  • Elbereth Penikka (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) - 12/8/2007
  • Elbereth Riku (by Fin/WT Ch Lecibsin Kultakuono) - 12/8/2007
I am also proud to say that all her 18 pups have reached good ages themselves - the first litter being 11.5 and the youngsters a mere 7.5, fingers crossed they have the longevity of their dam, and give their owners as much joy and love as Toive did us.

my beautiful girl, Toive
Elbereth Toive

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Crufts & WELKS shows

I have just been so busy that have neglected the blog, so time for a quick update....

First a look back to Crufts where I had the honour to judge Pyrenean Mtn Dogs - and found my BOB in the Swedish dog, Vi'skaly's Harlem Shake (Vi'skaly's Stage Diver x Vi'skaly's Poppy Pinot), who then went onto Group 2.  A stunning boy with such a lovely head and expression.

Sam Moore then handled Phillip's Multi Champion Elbereth Matkamies to DCC & BOB under Sue Dunger, and Emma Bird handled Multi Ch Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus to BCC.  There were also big wins for Matka's daughter's Elbereth Pelinainen and Elbereth Suvituuli.  Lovely to have these two super dogs appreciated by Sue who introduced the breed to the UK.

Crufts winners (photo Pia Reynolds)

At WELKs Championship show the breed did not have CCs, but Matkamies took BOB under Mrs Rose Marie Emery from Sweden, and he then went onto his first group placing in UK - G4 under Mrs Lynn Salt

photo Alan Walker

I haven't yet introduced the new edition to our family, Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma to Elbereth - Matka's daughter to Fin Ch Tilkkuturkin Bunahilkka

photo Nina Lahin

Who with the rest of the Elbereth family had an amazing day at Birmingham National;  first Matka won his 11th CC under Rodney Oldham, then baby Halla won her first ever puppy class, Pelinainen won Junior and Post graduate to be followed by their older half sister, Suvitulli winning limit.  Onto open where Judi Cross won the BCC and BOB with Ch Elbereth Marja (Int & Fin Ch Lecibsin Hapmi x Elbereth Satu), an amazing day ending with 6 month old Halla winning BPIB.

Matka and Kia also popped back to Ireland to gain the final point for their Irish titles and a little trip after Birmingham to Germany to add more points towards their German titles :)

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Fin Ch/Belg Ch Lumiturpa Pigga at Elbereth 29/8/1998 to 11/9/2014

I had always hoped Pigga would last forever, in fact often joked that as she was such a calm bitch who lived life at "Pigga pace", she was conserving her energy to live to a record age, but sadly she left as at the very ripe old age of sixteen years.  

first day
Pigga joined us on 30th January 2003, I had seen her in Finland as a youngster and wanted to buy her - but she was not for sale, so I was very fortunate when on a trip in 2002 I managed to persuade Matti & Riitta to let me "borrow" her for a litter, to help increase the gene pool here in UK.  So it was planned and we mated her with Fin Ch Staalon Lapinjoiku and her flight was booked.  I can remember that evening like it was yesterday - as I left home to drive to meet her at Heathrow it started to snow, just a little covering of a couple of inches, but when I arrived at the cargo centre I was informed that the snow and more importantly the ice on the runways/standings meant her plane had not even landed yet - even though it had been expected some 1.5 hours before.  I waited and waited - as three hours passed it was suggested I went home, but I dare not because of the snow, not wanting to drive more than I had to.  Then it was announced that as the plane had been circling the Heathrow airspace for so long it was going to have to go to Gatwick to be refuelled, but it would not be unloaded there.  So I waited and waited, drinking a number of those vending machine hot chocolates to keep me warm in the drafty cargo office!  I was really stressing how Pigga would be coping in the confines of her flight crate in the hold of the plane for over 10 hours, and of course she was (we hoped)in early stages of pregnancy.  When midnight came and she was finally landed and was released from the box, I truly expected her to be very stressed and messy, from such a long flight.  But this was Pigga we were talking about, she was fine!  She jumped into my car - we drove home carefully, and then I let her into the house, she walked straight into living room, laid down and said  "yes this will do nicely"  not a peep was heard from her, and from the next day it was like she had always lived with us.

Her litter was born, six puppies, 5 boys and the one girl, and we realised that we could not bear to send her home, so negotiations started - and we were very lucky that Matti & Riitta agreed she could stay in UK.  She had a limited show career - adding her Belgian Title and Brussels 03 winner title to her Finnish crown, but she was notoriously lazy and really did not get the point of showing off she was much more suited to being a lady of leisure at home, taking advantage of all creature comforts.

Pigga was a very gentle girl, I can honestly say I never heard her growl, she was very friendly and loved humans, and was happy to get on with any dog she met.  Once you met her you just had to love her, and she was so happy to share her affection about, she would go and stay with anyone - and was adopted by a number of lonely campers over the years on holidays, from young Josh & Phillip to not so young Steve and Andy, the latter even had T-Shirts printed with the slogan "I've slept with the Pigga-la- la". She was well known for pawing at you as she sat by your side - thriving on human attention.

 A great brood bitch, she had three special litters here in UK, to add to the two she had in Finland, and from her kids in Finland she has had significant impact - and she is behind a number of our more recent UK imports - albeit a few generations back and those in other countries!  Her second UK litter in 2004 was 6 girls and 1 boy (redressing the balance a little, sired by Elbereth Runo in Bernavia, and her last litter was born in August 2005 - to the very handsome Hapmi, again six puppies.

If you met her you loved her - fact!

Run free - Pigga